Top Ten Jobs: 4. Human Resources Manager

Number 4 on the list of the Top 50 Jobs in America is for Human Resources Managers. This rewarding career can empower individuals to help develop and improve the workplace, which can increase productivity and employee happiness. Senior Human Resource Directors can earn as much as $285,000 and in some cases over $1 million per year. Human Resources Managers usually have a college education consisting of a Bachelor’s degree as well as some Master’s level work or professional certification. The excerpt on this position is, “Why it’s great: At more and more companies, HR is no longer about benefits administration and the employee newsletter. Those tasks are increasingly outsourced, and directors and v.p.s are considered strategic planners. Even lower-level managers are expected to design employee programs that also benefit the bottom line. International HR and compliance are especially hot. There’s a wide variety of work, from self-employed benefits specialists to corporate recruiters and HR generalists.” 

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