What Degrees Are Required For the Fastest Growing Careers

The fastest growing careers in the U.S. are projected to continue to increase the demand for qualified individuals that have completed their respective college degree and certification programs relevant to their chosen industry.

Many of these fast growing careers are in the medical field. There is a wide array of career positions geared towards both entry-level and top management positions.

Home Health Aides, Medical Assistants, Physician Assistants, and Physical Therapists are all in high demand in the United States. Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees on Physical Therapy, Medical Assistance, and Medical Technology, are required for these fields.

Computer technology and digital media degrees are also becoming increasingly popular as more and more businesses and organizations become more reliant on technology. Positions for Network System Analysts, Computer Software Engineers, Database Administrators and Computer Systems Administrators are all increasing each year.

Degrees in Veterinary Technology, Forensic Science Technician, Home Care Aide, Dental Hygiene, and Medical Science are also expected to be among the fastest growing careers in the country.


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