What is CHIPS

Most of us think of chips as the California Highway Patrol or the television show depicting these law enforcement specialists but in the case of Rasmussen College, CHIPS means something else entirely. At Rasmussen College, the acronym CHIPS refers to the institution’s values: Community, History, Integrity, Placement and Service. In keeping with these values, Rasmussen College provides a personal, service oriented, quality education that is designed to help you succeed – in the classroom and beyond. Rasmussen College even makes a few suggestions for prospective students to ask whether they attend Rasmussen College or some other education institution like:

  • What is your average class size?
  • Do you have online interaction… such as a portal, student profiles, and message boards?
  • How many students have graduated from this college?
  • How long have you offered online classes?
  • Is your accreditation national or regional?
  • Does your Career Services Office receive job postings from local employers?
  • What is your placement rate?
  • Do you assist with resume, cover letter, and reference preparation?

Referenced Source(s): Rasmussen College


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