What is eLearning?

If you are still in the dark as to what defines the term eLearning, it refers to the manner of learning or education which can be acquired through computer, whether through software, Intranet, or Internet, and allows students to study anytime, and at any place.

eLearning provides students with the opportunity to study at their own pace, and at a most convenient predetermined schedule. Although most e-learning processes require little to no interaction among students, this mode of learning is still considered to be a fulfilling and valuable option.

Many colleges presently offer distance learning classes, which is synonymous to eLearning. Over the years, many universities and online institutions have improved and perfected the manner of eLearning by providing certifications, associates, bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees to prospective students.

It is essential, however, for the courses to be accredited, and for the eLearning school to be an accredited and well-recognized institution.


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