Why Choose a Wyotech Motorcycle Repair Training Program

If you are planning on a career servicing bikes and building your own bike repair business, completing a Wyotech Motorcycle Repair Training Program will make you an expert in this specialized field.

The hands-on skill training being offered at this institution is anything but ordinary, since students can learn both general and specialized repair methods. From basic training projects to skills acquisition in repairing certain types and brands of motorcycles, every student can look forward to a lucrative career being a mechanic. Moreover, successful graduates can choose to open their own businesses in bike repair.

Career opportunities abound for graduates of this program, and students can opt to specialize in European or Asian motorcycles, or in the more luxurious Harley Davidson bikes.

Through the Wyotech Motorcycle Repair Training Program, graduates can either work in Motorcycle Assembly, as Customer Service Representative, Dealership Technician, Specialty Motorcycle Technician, or as a Performance Shop Technician.


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